Dave Meute Consulting, LLC.

Dave Meute Consulting is a technical services business specializing in operational database and data warehousing founded by Julie’s husband several successful years ago. When he found himself in need of some more attractive marketing materials to potentially get a better edge, he did not have far to look for assistance. Dave had built his own site in much the way a technical database guy might—great content people in his field would completely understand but in a very basic, flat HTML site. Julie was on the case! 

Julie asked Dave for the meat and potatoes content for the site—services, work history, technical expertise, contact information, etc. They did a fun little photo shoot with her digital SLR camera.

She redesigned his logo. They talked about his original logo featuring their beloved dog Patches. They decided to keep it because it had drawn attention in the past and perhaps gave that approachability that you might not expect from a very highly skilled technical computer guy.

Then Julie came up with some catchy marketing language (the gooey gravy) to pull the site together. Julie decided to try out the highly acclaimed WordPress theme Total. Within a couple weeks, www.DaveMeuteConsulting.com was a shiny new site.

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